Web IDE Landscape

Web IDE Landscape
Visual Studio Code, its derivatives, and Eclipse Theia

VS Code and its derivatives

  • VS Codium is a community-driven distribution of VS Code binaries that removes Microsoft branding and telemetry.
  • Code-Server and OpenVSCode Server add the open-source server features required to access a remote Web IDE similar to VS Code.
  • Coder moves software development to the cloud, centralizing your organizations’ development initiatives and offering improvements in development velocity and enterprise security.
  • Gitpod is a container-based development platform that puts developer experience first. Gitpod provisions ready-to-code developer environments in the cloud from a Git repository.

Eclipse Theia

Extensions Registries

Go Further


Open Source Components

Extensions Registries

TurnKey Solutions





Open source advocate since last century

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Stéphane Este-Gracias

Stéphane Este-Gracias

Open source advocate since last century

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